City trips are particularly worthwhile in the cold season. A short trip to Geneva, for example, offers countless sights after a sporty ski holiday, but also exciting escape room action.

Or how about a winter trip to Pamplona? Adventurous bank robbery included. (In an escape room, of course.)

After Escape Room Travel Tips Part 1 and Part 2 we are continuing our journey and in the third part of the series we present you with more exciting Escape Rooms that you should definitely visit!

Geneva, Switzerland

Aunt Hilda’s Room by Trip Trap is an excellent escape room that draws young and old into a fantastic story. The setting of this room is so unique that it has already convinced countless escape room professionals. 90 minutes of fun recommended for 3-8 players.

Pamplona, Spain

The Spanish village of Pamplona is actually known for its bull runs. But there are also real gems to experience here for escape room addicts. At Mad Mansion, two award-winning and unique rooms are waiting for all visitors.

In Call or Die , participants go to a fictional city called Shadow Island. After three high-ranking officers have been kidnapped, players must try to save them alive. Part 1 for 2-5 players and a duration of about 60 minutes.

In part 2 of the story, the players have to take back a bank as “Team Ghost”, which was taken by the nasty Menendez and his men. 2-5 players must complete this adventure in a maximum of 60 minutes.

Moscow, Russia

There is also a real insider tip in the Russian capital Moscow: In Insane Paranoid by Quest-Art, players have the chance to get to know a person whose head is inhabited by at least 8 different personalities. Just like with Locks & Clocks, the organizer offers very creative acting performances. A unique experience in Russian or English for 1-6 people. Duration: approx. 60 minutes.