The children love it and adults also like to look back on an exciting adventure, the egg and nest hunt at Easter. Brightly painted eggs, sweets and other gifts hidden in the green grass or bushes. The Easter Bunny’s hidden treats and gifts awaken the fun of puzzles in us from an early age.

From a certain age, however, the exciting search fades away more and more. The annual Easter fades away, but the great desire to find “Easter Eggs” remains in the blood. This is how you find them again and again, for example in video games when game developers hide a secret that very few players find. But even in movies and series one occasionally encounters hidden clues.

The passion to solve a puzzle and find clues is one of the most beautiful things that accompanies us from childhood to old age. This is exactly where there is a successful remedy for the young and the young at heart: Escape Rooms.

In Escape Rooms you can also experience a kind of Easter egg hunt, where you follow clues and gradually solve the puzzle. Depending on the level of difficulty, this will take a different amount of time. Depending on how well the “Easter Bunny” has hidden the eggs and how good the seeker is, a game can end faster or last a little longer. With the variety of escape games, there is always something suitable for every taste. And so every escape room is its own special Easter egg hunt.

Escape room tips

If you’re really in the mood for an exciting escape game, you should take a look at our missions . Whether it’s a prison riot, a creepy zombie lab, an adventure in a bunker or a unique entrance test for agents, we have the right puzzle fun for every taste. And if you’ve already played through all of our rooms, be sure to check out our friends Crime Runners! There you will also find great Escape Room adventures in Vienna.

Easter promotion

Play with us during the Easter vacations and get € 15,- discount on your Escape Room adventure between 09.04. and 18.04.2022 by simply entering the discount code OSTERAGENT when booking online. We look forward to seeing you and your Dream Team!