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The history of Escape Rooms – A journey through an enigmatic world

written by Game Master Lena When I came across an escape room for the first time on a city trip a few years ago, of course everyone before me noticed the emerging trend. “Huh, what are you doing there? Get locked in a room? And why should I spend so [...]

That’s why you should listen to the Game Master in an Escape Room

Escape Room veterans always appreciate them. Newcomers often do not know how much work and passion they invest. They have the most knowledge about their own rooms and missions. They should always be listened to: The game masters. What do Game Masters actually do? Game Masters are much more than [...]

We’re rebranding: Fox in a Box Vienna becomes Locks & Clocks!

There are a bunch of positive changes: In the midst of the pandemic, we decided it was time for a new start to offer you an even better range of experiences.  The opportunity arose to join forces with our Crime Runners friends and colleagues. The relationship with our "partner [...]

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