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Easter in the escape room

The children love it and adults also like to look back on an exciting adventure, the egg and nest hunt at Easter. Brightly painted eggs, sweets and other gifts hidden in the green grass or bushes. The Easter Bunny's hidden treats and gifts awaken the fun of puzzles in us [...]

The best indoor activities for winter in Vienna

Indoor activities are best when it's cold outside. After all, you can also enjoy great experiences in the warm without freezing your feet off. This little guide should help you to find an exciting destination, or just give you a few ideas when it gets too cold outside for you. [...]

Escape game for the lockdown

A lockdown is a hard time for everyone, but to sweeten this for you, we have worked with Crime Runners on another browser-based online escape game that you can even play with friends in multiplayer mode. It was originally planned to publish the finale of the award-winning Crime Stories series [...]

Escape Room Christmas Presents

Christmas is just around the corner and in addition to the contemplative time, the stress of shopping is also beginning. Christmas presents must be purchased and Christmas greetings sent. But what if you run out of gift ideas at some point? Giving the same gift every year is not ideal [...]

Escape Room Travel Tips – Part 3

City trips are particularly worthwhile in the cold season. A short trip to Geneva, for example, offers countless sights after a sporty ski holiday, but also exciting escape room action. Or how about a winter trip to Pamplona? Adventurous bank robbery included. (In an escape room, of course.) After Escape [...]

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