Of course, escape room veterans don’t need any tips on how to create a room in any case, but for beginners this should be a small list of helpful tips on how your mission is guaranteed to be successful.

If you visit an escape room for the first time, then it will definitely help you if you know the following points. Therefore, memorize the following words well before your first mission and then face your next puzzle fun in an escape room of your choice well equipped and with the best of your knowledge.

Tip 1: Listen to the Gamemaster!

It’s not a special secret trick, but listen carefully as the game master shows you the room. Listen to the words before the mission begins and if you have any questions at this point, then here is the best way to ask. Our Gamemasters know the game and are trained to avoid frustration and to help you complete the mission, give them a little trust and you will master it with flying colors.

Tip 2: Communication is the be-all and end-all!

talk to each other Don’t talk at the same time, but one after the other and tell the other players clearly when you discover a clue or have solved a riddle! Don’t get nervous and hectic. Remain calm and level-headed.

Tip 3: Accuracy

Be attentive and pay attention to the smallest details. Sloppiness or inaccuracy can lead to a “dead end” and drive you to despair. Likes to use all your senses to solve a puzzle.

Tip 4: Avoid transposed digits

In the case of combination locks or combinations, transposed digits often occur. You are welcome to try different variants, but there is usually a precise order that is also clearly specified in the puzzle.

Tip 5: Don’t focus on the wrong things

Unfortunately, it often happens that one concentrates on unimportance that have nothing to do with the actual puzzle. Here you have to be careful not to lose yourself. The right communication helps here or, if necessary, asking the game master before investing too much time.

Tip 6: Have fun!

With all the stress that a game can bring, there is one thing you must never forget: have fun!