To help cure your lockdown blues a little, we have decided to offer the exciting online game of our dear colleagues. A classic point and click escape game adventure awaits  – also playable in multiplayer mode.

Locks & Clocks Online Adventure

Online Escape Game:
Back to the Congressman

The world is healing in the aftermath ofa great catastrophe. While the rebuild is in full swing, exit restrictions are a thing of the past and children are back laughing at playgrounds. Still, the financial crisis left its mark and you have to get money from somewhere. You decide to try to steal the gold reserves that are being stored in the abandoned villa of a corrupt politician.

Browser-based point & click game of our colleagues from crime runners. Available in Multiplayer mode. 1-4 players

Online Escape Game:
Beneath Vienna

You are still on the trail of the corrupt politician’s gold reserves and have managed to activate a secret passage. You take a breath and descend into the unknown. Uncover the last secrets of the Congressman and escape the underground labyrinth!

We collaborated on the game with our friends at Crime Runners and helped out diligently.

Browser based point & click game from our colleagues at Crime Runners. Multiplayer possible. 1-4 persons
Duration: about 2 hours

Escape Room Congressman

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