A lockdown is a hard time for everyone, but to sweeten this for you, we have worked with Crime Runners on another browser-based online escape game that you can even play with friends in multiplayer mode.

It was originally planned to publish the finale of the award-winning Crime Stories series in the previous lockdown. In the end, however, “Crime Stories Part 2: Beneath Vienna”, which was developed in cooperation with “Crime Runners” and the “Third Man Tour”, was in development for a total of 10 months. But now it adorns itself with two hours of fun and tricky puzzle content.

“After almost two years of pandemic, of which almost 11 months were closed, we still want to offer our customers stories from our universe and with ‘Beneath Vienna’ we close our online game series ‘Crime Stories'”, says Lukas Rauscher, Managing Director of Crime Runners. “In good time, hopefully in the final lockdown”.

Live Escape Rooms have their roots in Point & Click Adventures and are a transfer into the real world. During the bumpy pandemic times, we decided to return to the origins of the industry in order to enable escape fun at home and at the same time expand the Locks & Clocks universe.

The second and, for the time being, last part “Beneath Vienna” is now available for only 19.90 euros directly on our website. At the end of the game there is also a voucher code for all players worth 10 euros on future bookings from Crime Runners and Locks & Clocks.

Browser-based online escape game

The game requires a stable internet connection and current browser versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. It’s optimized for computers, not smartphones. There is also a multiplayer mode so that you can puzzle through the story together with friends in other households. In order to capture the spirit of real live escape games as well as possible, nothing stands in the way of solving puzzles together via video or audio chat.

In the canals of Vienna

You are still on the track of the corrupt politician’s gold reserves and have managed to activate a secret passage. You take a deep breath and descend into the unknown. Reveal the Congressman’s final secrets and escape the underground labyrinth!

We wish you a lot of fun while gaming!

You can go directly to the browser game here