Summertime is vacation time. And for Escape Room Addicts, not only city trips are perfect for an unforgettable experience. Some detours are well worth a short trip. Maybe you are planning your all-inclusive vacation close to one of the most popular escape rooms in the world? Or look for locations with excellent puzzles and breathtaking holiday flair. Here is a little travel guide:

Athens, Greece

Some of the best live escape rooms in the world can be found in a very popular holiday destination, the Greek capital Athens.

Here you can find for example Paradox Project 2: The Bookstore , a three-hour adventure for 4-7 people that takes you into a bookstore where you have to explore the secrets of the protagonist.

or El Exorcista from No Exit. One of the most popular rooms of all, which convinces in its 90 minutes of play for 3-5 players with special effects and acting.

The Escape Room The Sanatorium (Midnight Mode, Night Mode) from Lockhill also attracts fans from all over the world to Athens. With its 90 minutes of play for 1-4 players, it is one of the scariest rooms in the world and definitely worth a visit.

Vienna, Austria

The Austrian capital is a very popular travel destination for fans of good escape rooms. And of course we are happy to contribute to that.

Going underground by our friends Crime Runners is an award-winning escape room that takes 3-6 players underground in a 90-minute adventure and casts them under its unique spell.


Anyone who has always wanted to break out of a prison is allowed to use the room jail from Locks & Clocks (Yes, you read that right. We are!) not to be missed. Acting performances included!

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is not only a beautiful holiday destination, there are also some great escape rooms waiting for you!

The Brewery von Enigmik takes 4-6 players into a brewery for 80 minutes. In cooperation with Estrella Damm, a Spanish beer, participants are also allowed to drink while puzzling.

In Tomb Hunter: Akasha’s Legend Escape Barcelona turns 2-6 players into archaeologists like Indiana Jones for 60 minutes.

Berlin, Germany

The German capital attracts tourists from all over the world not only because of the many sights, some of the world’s best escape rooms can also be found here.

If you love escape rooms, you simply cannot avoid The Room in Berlin. Here 3-5 players can play, for example, in Ghostbusters Brandon Darkmoor Prove yourself as a ghost hunter in a 75-minute immersive experience.

Hamburg, Germany

Germany’s northernmost Hanseatic city not only attracts with its idyllic harbor on the beautiful Elbe, there are also escape rooms that a true fan simply cannot miss.

That Whimsical St. Pauli is always worth a visit! In the middle of the Reeperbahn, unique rooms, written by the creative minds of the Hamburg Schmidt Theater, await you.

Anyone in Hamburg is allowed to Hidden games but definitely not to be missed! The worldwide unique Escape Rooms on real ships promise an unforgettable experience.