Escape Room veterans always appreciate them. Newcomers often do not know how much work and passion they invest. They have the most knowledge about their own rooms and missions. They should always be listened to: The game masters.

What do Game Masters actually do?

Game Masters are much more than they appear to be. They welcome and greet the group. They take care of the wardrobe. They brief the group on their missions, explain the rules of the game in detail and in no uncertain terms, and then take the players into the Escape Room. They observe the action via cameras and give tips on request. They also help if someone gets stuck and are responsible for the general safety of the group. Afterwards, they celebrate with the group and go through the experience again in a joint analysis. Afterwards, they settle up and say goodbye to the group.

Zombie Labor

When players get stuck, the Game Master is always there to help!

Preparation is the key to fun

Even before a mission begins, the Game Masters thoroughly prepare the Escape Room. They check all the functions of the room and make sure everything is running smoothly and safely. In addition, all surfaces, objects, buttons and switches are carefully disinfected before each game to ensure the best hygiene. Our hygiene concept guarantees a safe Escape Room experience!

What is special about Locks & Clocks?

At Locks & Clocks, however, another exciting factor is added to increase the magic of the Escape Room. The game masters get more intensively involved in the game through acting interludes. They interact more with the group and let the players dive deeper into the action. This ensures unforgettable game fun!

Game Masters are essential to the overall game experience. We place great emphasis on having one Game Master responsible for only one game room. This allows the Game Master to fully concentrate on what is happening in the group and not be distracted by other players.

Dive in!

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